Friday 24 October 2008

Facebook Addiction

Trundling home on the District Line yesterday I picked up a free sheet and skimmed through its news offerings. Skipping the sports pages just in case there were any mentions of "Spurs", "Ramos" and "Relegation", I stumbled across a piece about Facebook and its addictive properties.

One in ten at risk from 'Facebook addiction'

was the headline. An expert from the priory said that: "at least one in ten Britons could be vulnerable to the addiction".

I chuckled and scoffed the rest of my journey home... had some supper... fired up the pute... kicked-off FB and debated with myself about whether 45 friends was really enough and whether 2 people I don't really know (but have seen across a crowded room) should be accepted as friends...

...come on in, there's room for more...

One of my mates has got 332 friends and admits he is a "friends whore".

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