Thursday 13 November 2008

Dreaming about Obama

"I had a dream about Angelina Jolie, Barack and Michelle Obama last
night," said my wife (R) over breakfast today.

"Was I in it?" I asked.

"Don't be stupid!" R said.

I had already started to lose interest but I thought I would play along.

"Oh. What was Barack doing there?" I inquired.

"He wasn't actually there. He was somewhere else. Me and Angelina were bodyguards protecting the Obamas," R explained.


"There were a pair of leather gloves outside the White House. I told Angelina that she should leave them but she didn't listen to me and she went and brought them into the White House kitchen," R described.

"Whose gloves were they?" I asked.

"That doesn't matter. They exploded in the kitchen!"

"Oh dear. Was anyone hurt?" I asked whilst debating in my head whether I should have a third piece of peanut butter on toast.

"No. It was only a small explosion. I went ballistic. I was fuming. I told her not to bring the stupid gloves into the building," R recounted.

"What did Michelle say?" I probed.

"She was fine - very relaxed considering. Made us both a cup of tea," R explained as some kind of closure on the dream was achieved.


I am convinced dreams like this are happening across the world. What can we make of them? Are there any Freudian, or non-Freudian, dream analysts that could give me the lowdown on this one? Comments encouraged and welcomed.

My own personal take? Well, there is no dream or metaphor to interpret here, as such. R feels good about the election result and wants to protect the Obamas from any threats. Simple. There have already been at least two widely reported far-right plots to take out Obama, if we are to believe the stories...

...but the gloves, the gloves, why the gloves and why does Angelina get it so wrong? And why does Mrs Pitt take such a telling off from my wife...


I'm Angelina!

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