Thursday, 13 May 2010

CamClegg: coalition government anagram fun

I am tickled by a few "coalition government" anagrams:

Team Recoil Nonvoting (CamClegg face up to their true minority status).

Team Convening Oil Rot (CamClegg go and help BP clear up the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico as first international green gesture and get to see Obama's pad).

Team Cringe Onion Volt (CamClegg have just opened the books and looked in the treasury coffers to find a tear-jerking legacy from Gordon Brown - onions! [Yes, I know volt should be spelt vault]. So they close the door of the vault, giggle and tell George Osbourne to go take a look for himself).

Team Connive Lingo Rot (CamClegg plan a new way of communicating to the nation).

I got some help with this great website:

Have you got any favourites?  Then please send them my way via comments.

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