Sunday, 9 May 2010

A fluid situation: dealing with democracy

I enjoyed listening to Malcolm Rifkind on R4 and BBC Breakfast this morning. He brushed aside any quick fixes on PR as democratically impossible. His understanding that Cameron will have to win arguments with the Conservative MPs appeared almost quaint but the present situation has at least thrown the "dated" concept of winning an argument into the foreground.

A fantasy scenario (but not that fantastic in these fluid times) is a temporary LD agreement with a Tory minority government. The ensuing crisis of credibility for the LDs, the lack of confidence the Tory's have in governing (without ideology) and the arrival of a new Labour Party leader forces another general election where PR is on the agenda but, crucially for people who believe in the power of debate, a small but significant gap opens up for the contestation of radical ideas.

I'll vote for that!

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