Monday 31 March 2008

I'm Being Pursued by a Theme - Not Part 2

"Part 2 will follow shortly"...

...Ah the promises you make to yourself and your readership (non-existent as we speak). Let this be a warning against the dangers of promising blog serialisation.

I can't blame back-to-back, nightly viewing of Series One of "The Wire". That obsession could only explain a lack of blog productivity in February. And, no I haven't watched it twice, I have lent my copy to London-based Wire Virgins. (When is it correct to use italics? by the way, as I am odeeing on them tonight). I am awaiting a free peak of Series Two and Three from some from Nottingham Wire Heads who cruelly promised they were going to let me take Series Two away with me on Sunday but have since changed their minds because they want to watch the whole series with the subtitles on. If that isn't an example of Subtitle Completism, I don't know what is...

No March, has got washed up with nasty weather; counting the days until Spring truly arrives (I think it has now); bitty work projects; trips to Nottingham and a very special 80th birthday party. Who needs to blog?

Clearly, I think I do.

I shall be returning to "The Wire" but I will leave you with the article by Charlie Brooker that sparked an interest (in a friend), who in turn showed me a clip of the series on YouTube, who then went and accidentally bought me a copy using my Amazon account (don't ask) - whilst managing to also purchase a second copy for himself. Talk about crosswires!

But here is the fiendish link anyway:,,2246952,00.html

I have never owned a boxed set before. I am the last person on this planet to discover their simple, collectible, repeat-watchable beauty. And lo and behold, since I have now lost my boxed set virginity, it seems that everyone in the world is devouring "The Wire" on DVD. I feel part of a new movement... it's like "The Sopranos" all over again and yet it is not because that was such a live watching experience - now I can pause, rewind... you know, control stuff.

I have some CCTV thoughts to share but they will have to come when they are ready. Series Two and Three are being hand delivered in 11 days, 18 hours, 4 minutes and 59 seconds time.