Wednesday 30 September 2009

The Purple Palace

Premier Inn Wolverhampton City Centre
I am still in a heavy workload space and have stayed in about 18 hotels over the last month. Not just any hotel, but my hotel chain of choice: The Purple Palace (known to most as Premier Inn). As part of my daily ritual when returning from a shoot, I have been snapping the view from my bed partly to put a visual break between one day's photos and the next and partly to test the capabilities of my new SLR - the wonderful Sony A200. As my tour of the UK, and as stays in The Purple Palace have ratcheted up, I have become unhealthy fixated by the furnishings, paintings and tableware at the bottom of my bed. My favourite photos are the ones that manage to capture the fading autumnal light through the hotel bedroom window. These pictures usually mean that I have arrived at my hotel by 6 o'clock which reflects a brief calm moment within a manic schedule.

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