Tuesday 29 March 2011

Andrew Lansley Rap inspires more angry rapping

This video has got a certain edge to it and has been doing the rounds on the internet. The enjoyment from spitting out the word "TOSSER" seems be an essential element along with the Animal's guitar loop from their evergreen classic, 'House of the Rising Sun'. The host on a Saturday BBC radio show - I can't remember which - was asking for listeners to send in their own angry raps i.e. about stuff that they were angry about. Well, I'm pretty darn angry about Libya and so I wrote a short rap. Needless to say it wasn't read out. In retrospect, I think they might have looking for faux anger, but this, my friends, my crew, is the REAL DEAL. Here me now:

You patted yourselves on the back,
When you attacked Iraq,
Now all decoys have left the house-
There is no Dubya -
You thought WTF let's bomb Libya.

You make Gadaffi look like a democrat,
You've turned a civil war into a worldwide spat.
Your credibility is now spent.
Who are you?
You are the ruling, strictly humanitarian, British establishment.


Olympic Stadium Construction Complete

I have been a little obsessed with the Olympic Stadium as of late and that is mainly because I cycle right past it on my way to work. Today, LOCOG (The London Organising Committee of the Olympic and Paralympic Games) announced that the Olympic Stadium had been completed. That is, indeed, quite an impressive feat.

My colleague and I Xube have compiled some photos from the public access path ("The Greenway") into a little photomotion movie. I hope you enjoy it.

The Olympic Orbit Flickr set can be seen here.

Thursday 3 March 2011

Olympian construction

61/i365 - Olympian construction

I started cycling to work again this week and so it's the first time I have seen the Olympic Park up close since October 2010. Things are progressing fast and I can't help but feel excited. There has been a lot of tired, dull press about the legacy issues. Who's going to have the stadium after the Games? etc... But the Games really feels upon us now. Anish Kapoor's Olympic structure is being assembled and the Velodrome was completed last week (on time and on budget). The structure is called the ArcelorMittal_Orbit and it will stand 115m in height making it 22m taller than the Statue of Liberty.

I am going to enjoy cycling past over the next 8 months (or until I can't take the cold) and will try to capture some of the key developments on the site on my iPhone. There are lots of Flickr Groups you can visit if you want to see pics of how the construction work is getting on. Here is a wonderful shot of the Olympic Stadium I found on Flickr taken by Chris Dorley-Brown.

olympic stadium floodlights switched on