Saturday 31 October 2009


The Twitter revolution continues. Each week something new is exposed through the twittersphere; a "campaign" emerges, grabs a quick victory and dies away. Real-time search has so arrived. Directly responsible for the dropping away of blogging (I don't think I can use that excuse only being a light twitterer), Twitter has become the newest communication technology to swivel our collective heads (think Meryl Streep in Death Becomes Her). And why is that? I'm still working that one out but it has something to do with a few usual suspects in this naughties witches' online brew and some new ingredients too. The Twitter cauldron contains a spooky cocktail promise of:

- instant communication to the world
- an open networking opportunity
- powerful information leverage
- a rage outlet
- celebrity access for all...
- ...and celebrity status for some

Like video virals before (which almost seem quaint and tame in comparison to a Twitter outbreak), advertising minds are seeing the commercial potential of tweeting and their interest is also having a ratcheting-up effect. But perhaps it is even more profound than that? Perhaps all of us are now small-time, advertising execs digital door-knocking en masse and getting a hat load of tricks and thimble full of treats?

An article online in The Guardian explores how books are being tweeted up the Amazon sales chart and leary journalists (#janmoir) are being tweeted, drawn and quartered. Read it here:

Happy Hallowtweet!