Wednesday 25 February 2015

Week 4 storyboard - Watchtower - FLexplorefilm

I'm still on my film MOOC called Explore Filmmaking run by the NFTS and have been asked to produce a storyboard for 2 pages of a music video. Creating storyboards often fills me with dread because of my sub-standard drawing skills. However, when I embark on the task of actually doing one I usually find it quite fun and you can't beat them for planning your shots. So here's storyboard:

I take heart from the fact that Martin Scorsese is not a "master draftsman" but capable enough in the drawing department to sketch out his shots for one of my favourite of his films, Taxi Driver. Read the article, watch the film:


Sunday 15 February 2015

Week 2 script - Sweets - FLexplorefilm

I am studying film on a MOOC called 'Explore Filmmaking' run by the NFTS.  This short script is part of an assignment we have been asked to write at the end of week 2.  I wrote this in the software package Celtx Scripts and have copied the text from there and pasted it into this blog.  Obviously, it hasn't kept the formatting but hopefully you get the idea.


Rachael (6 years old) and Jenny (10 years old) are sisters.  On any average day they go from playing nicely together to engaging in bouts of squabbling.

INT. Kitchen day
Rachael is counting her sweets on the kitchen table.

INT. lounge day
Jenny walks through the lounge towards the kitchen.  She stops and looks through the internal window to look at what Rachael is doing. She opens the kitchen door.

INT. Kitchen day
Have you counted out my pile yet?
Uh... I was just about to do that.

Rachael starts counting out a pile of sweets and pushes them towards Jenny.

Thanks, bye.

Jenny smiles and takes the sweets from her pile and exits the kitchen.  Rachael is not happy.
© Richard Woolfenden, 2015