My writing

A personal blog, such as this one, is an opportunity to share quick thoughts. Sometimes, but only sometimes, more considered writing may creep in but that is likely to be more of the exception than the rule. I think people who blog love the immediacy of the format: think, write, print. I don't see blogging as a threat to serious writing which, by definition, involves research, rigorous standards of verification, redrafting, proofing and professional editors. Here are some links to my published articles (print and online) that aspire to be pieces of writing.

Film and TV reviews for Culture Wars

Wrapped around Ingrid Bergman - reviewing a new print of Alfred Hitchcock's 'Notorious'.

Passionate people at w…w…w…war!, Culture Wars - a review of Channel 4's 'The Devil's Whore'.

Articles and Theatre reviews for The Times Educational Supplement (TES)

The Thane of Cordite - a review of a production of that Scottish play.

Key Stage - a 1995 report from a teachers' training day at the newly opened London theatre, The Globe.

Moved by devastation - an article about my anti-war writing competition that commemorated the 1945 bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki.

Some fine forests of facts to get lost in - a short review of two dictionaries.

The real Juliet revealed - a review of a production of that Key Stage 3 Shakespeare play.

Witches' dance - more Scottish tragic magic.


Creative London - Postal Coded - a personal reflection on the creative sector in East London and the potential impact of the 2012 Olympics for University of East London (UEL) online publication Rising East.