Wednesday 12 January 2011

My New Year's Resolution: an iPhone pic a day

6/i365 - Stuck!
6/i365 - Stuck!
I was approached by a man in Covent Garden with a microphone just before New Year. He said he was a BBC radio journalist and was collecting people's New Year's resolutions for a programme. I told him that I didn't have one. Not one for giving up, my interviewer asked me if I'd had one in the past. I paused for thought.

"Mmm... yes I gave up smoking in 1998," I said.

"Did you find it hard to keep to? Did you have to write yourself post-it notes and stick them round the house to remind you of your resolution? That's what people are telling me that they have to do," prompted my desperate interviewer.

"No I didn't," I replied.

"How did you give up then?" he asked despondently. (I hadn't given him the answers he was looking for).

"Force of will," I said.

"Ha, ha the old 'force of will," he laughed and disappeared into the night. Defeated.

My daughters and I were bemused. They asked me what he wanted and I told them that I wasn't quite sure. It made me think that a New Year's resolution might be a nice-to-have for 2011 and then along came an invite to join the i365 (iPhone Photo per Day in 2011) from a friendly photographer called John Kershner of the Flickr photographic community. I'm not sure why I was invited but I'm very happy to have been. I'll put it down to one of those serendipitous social media experiences.

So, I am now committed to take one picture a day on my iPhone (3Gs) and upload it for my fellow i365 group members to see and anyone else who stumbles onto the Flickr online photo management and sharing website. I'm really enjoying the challenge. It appeals to my love of disciplined eclecticism. If you would like to see my 11 shots so far then please visit my i365 set.

Thanks John! Happy New Year!

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